Wednesday, January 11, 2017

San Francisco builds housing

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Good news! Crap art museum goes to L.A.

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You have to go to LA to see the original

Matier & Ross in today's Chronicle:

...The call came around 1 p.m., with Lucas telling [Mayor]Lee that although San Francisco put forth a solid proposal, he was going to build his museum in L.A.’s Exposition Park — where it will join several other museums in the heart of a low-income community in need of a lift. What’s more, the area is easy to get to by car...(emphasis added)

The LA Times:

The newest proposals, both featuring designs by Chinese architect Ma Yansong, were aesthetically similar but seemingly opposite in other respects. One was a remote, four-acre site on a breezy island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, beautiful but accessible only by bridge and ferry; the other was a seven-acre location in public transit-friendly, museum-heavy Exposition Park near Lucas’ alma mater, USC.

The LA project design includes an underground garage with 1,800 parking spaces. Why would Lucas want his "art" collection located on the relatively inaccessible Treasure Island that will be gridlocked with traffic after that dumb development project puts 8,000 new housing units there? Or visitors have to take a ferry from the Embarcadero to get there?

Here's what we'll be missing:

“People will visit from around the world to see the original Darth Vader mask and Norman Rockwell paintings,” he[Mayor Garcetti] said.

Maybe someday we can all take that great California high-speed rail system Mayor Lee supports to see the Darth Vader mask...But Mayor Lee still has the Warriors arena project as his real legacy to the people of San Francisco: traffic gridlock. 

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