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That editorial is so stupid it could have been in the SF Examiner, the SF Chronicle, or SF Streetsblog. You need to read comments like this one to put it in perspective:

"As a supposedly 'entitled' resident of the area, maybe the times reporter needs to come hang out in the neighborhood to truly understand what we are going through as well as the commuters who are trying to get to their jobs. As someone who has lived in multiple cities with amazing public transportation, this area of town does not have this luxury...sad to say. So that leaves us with driving, finding ways to avoid the 405 at all costs. If there was a traffic study conducted before this road diet was put into effect, they would have noticed that only handful of residents actually use the bike lane on culver blvd, vista del mar, jefferson, lincoln and venice. Those who are using these major thoroughfares are hard working citizens who live in other areas in which biking is not an option."

Speaking of Streetsblog, see this story on the same topic. After the writer provides the party line, read the comments for perspective.


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