Sunday, July 16, 2017

Post Christian


Like Hemant Mehta, I got a perfect score on the criteria below that Barna used to determine the above. People in a city/area must meet 9 of the 16 criteria. 

I bet Mehta would agree that for him the qualifying phrases---"in the last week, "in the last 6 months," etc.---could also be changed to "never" for all the criteria, though I once took a Bible as Literature course at San Diego State (the King James version scores high as literature). And in the 1980s I went to a couple of Buddhist meditation retreats organized by the Insight Meditation Society that I found interesting and helpful:

Do not believe in God

Identify as atheist or agnostic

Disagree that faith is important in their lives

Have not prayed to God (in the last week)

Have never made a commitment to Jesus

Disagree the Bible is accurate

Have not donated money to a church (in the last year)

Have not attended a Christian church (in the last 6 months)

Agree that Jesus committed sins

Do not feel a responsibility to “share their faith”

Have not read the Bible (in the last week)

Have not volunteered at church (in the last week)

Have not attended Sunday school (in the last week)

Have not attended religious small group (in the last week)

Bible engagement scale: low (have not read the Bible in the past week and disagree strongly or somewhat that the Bible is accurate)

Not Born Again

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