Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poetry inspired by the Trump Administration

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand

Poetry by Dan Farber at Legal Planet:

A Man Named Paul Ryan
There once was a man named Paul Ryan,
For whom de-regulation was Zion,
Emissions limits he hated
Lest coal be frustrated,
And his lodestar was someone called Ayn.

The Man From Trump Tower
There once was a man from Trump Tower,
Who longed to have absolute power.
All budgets he’d slash
And the planet he’d trash
And the oceans with acid he’d sour.

A Man Called Scott Pruitt
There once was a man called Scott Pruitt
Who said, “Why, there’s nothing to it!
“You undo all the regs,
“Cut them off at the legs
And tell all the polluters, ‘go to it!’”

The Fellow Named Mitch
There once was a fellow named Mitch,
Whose campaign coffers grew rich,
His passion for coal
Had devoured his soul,
Leaving only a faint smell of pitch.

Trump Administration
There once was an Administration
Whose policies caused consternation.
To turn back the clock
And cause liberals shock
Were their highest goals for the nation.

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