Thursday, June 29, 2017

The NRA and American fascism

From Daily Kos:

...Since Donald Trump’s election, the organization of gun manufacturers and retailers known as the National Rifle Association has found it difficult to raise sufficient levels of paranoia. Gun sales are way down, and the highly profitable AR-15 style assault rifles that were snapped up when right wing media could simply point their cameras at a black man running the country, have been gathering dust.

How can the NRA restore sales? By convincing half of America to declare war on the other half.

Using quick cuts and black and white images, the video splices together incidents from across years and across the nation to make it appear as if America is already embroiled in a civil war. Though most of the images are of nothing but people marching or standing at protests, the fast cuts and violent language send clear signals of danger and threat.

Those images, of course, include an injured man in a Donald Trump T-shirt and a waving American flag. The injured man is from a scuffle that took place more than a year ago between groups of pro and anti Trump protesters, but in the video both the man and the flag are examples of how they are after us.

With more than 1 gun per person in the United States, and sales falling, the NRA clearly feels that they need to do something to bolster their “brand.” Civil war seems like just the ticket to sell a lot of guns. And even more ammo.

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