Saturday, May 20, 2017

Muni joins the Cute Movement


From the SFMTA:

As San Francisco opens its arms this Sunday to Bay to Breakers, its annual tradition of costumes, revelry and (a bit of) athletics, a new participant will be in the mix: the SFMTA’s Vision Zero Hero.

If you plan to join the event, keep your eyes peeled for a photo op with our caped safety hero, who will run (or---let’s be honest---jog) in the race to call attention to Vision Zero, the citywide effort to end traffic fatalities. The Vision Zero Hero is among San Francisco’s newest mascots, and will join caped heroes in other major cities in advocating for safer, more livable streets.

The cheerful spirit of Bay to Breakers, when tens of thousands safely use our streets to make their way from the bay to Ocean Beach, is inspiring. It’s a unique opportunity for San Francisco’s residents and visitors to experience an extensive length of our streets without vehicle traffic...

Rob's comment:
It makes sense for Muni to create a fantasy hero for Vision Zero, its traffic safety fantasy that has had a zero impact on traffic safety in the city.

This is probably another idea from Muni's "creative shop" that gave us the lame "peace" campaign several years ago in response to those anti-jihad ads Muni was forced to display because of that darn First Amendment loophole on free speech.

This cuteness is what we're getting from Muni's growing bureaucracy of 6,263 employees.

Of course the MTA is "inspired" by the orgy of exhibitionism---and bad behavior---displayed every year during the Bay to Breakers race, since there is no "vehicle traffic," which they are systematically making worse in the city with their anti-car policies. 

Like a lot of city residents, the folks at Muni are apparently now convinced that they too are adorable. Some of us are unconvinced in both instances.

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Anonymous posts a link to a story about the decline in automobile production in the US, which of course is not relevant to the post. Maybe auto manufacturers will stop making cars and make bikes instead? Everything is about bikes and cars for the bike-obsessed here in Progressive Land!


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