Monday, May 22, 2017

High-speed rail and universal preschool

Delaine Eastin speaks at the California Democrats 2017 State Convention in Sacramento. Photo: Paul Kuroda, Special To The Chronicle
Photo: Paul Kuroda for the Chronicle

The online version of yesterday's SF Chronicle story (Governor’s race heats up among California Democrats) doesn't include this statement under Delaine Eastin's picture: "If we can build a sexy, high-speed rail system...we can figure out how to pay for universal preschool."

Mike Brady provides some reasons why California can't---and shouldn't---build its high-speed rail system: Why High-Speed Rail Should Be Audited Before Caltrain Receives Federal Funds.

If the state insists on building this poorly-conceived project, there will be a lot less money for worthwhile projects like universal preschool.

Thanks to The Community Coalition on High-Speed Rail.

The leading candidate, Gavin Newsom, recently did a conditional flip-flop on high-speed rail, but his election is still the best chance for putting a stop to the boondoggle.

Take the Los Angeles Business Journal poll on high-speed rail.

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