Monday, April 10, 2017

Priority problem

SF Examiner

A letter to the editor
in the April 9 SF Examiner in response to Transit officials reconsider ‘watered down’ Turk Street bike lane.

The SFMTA has a priority problem

I’m horrified that our city government prioritizes bikes ahead of public safety. I have witnessed firsthand the disaster that the SFMTA has created, confiscating public infrastructure and repurposing for a vocal minority. Watching from Davies Symphony Hall, we were shocked to see an ambulance unable to get through Van Ness due to the newly confiscated lanes for a ridiculous bus lane and bike lanes.

During a ridealong with the SFPD, officers had to slam over speed humps and screech around bulb-outs getting to an emergency call. I can only imaging what that would do to an ambulance occupant. And recently I turned right onto Eighth Street and nearly slammed into a concrete island that appeared in the middle of the right lane.

Why are we putting billions of dollars toward street redesign when we can’t even maintain them, can’t even plant trees? When seniors and disabled object to street redesigns, why do their voices fall on deaf ears? Why are the Bicycle Coalition and the SFMTA so powerful that they dictate an anti-car policy that endangers public safety?

When the Fire Department objects due to public safety concerns, they should be prioritized first. I pale to think the nightmare we will endure when they next earthquake hits and our emergency services, food and water can’t get through. It’s clear we’ll get no sympathy from the mayor, the Board of Supervisors and especially not the SFMTA (now affectionately known as Motorist Torment Authority).

As a 28-year resident of San Francisco and a supporter of subway expansion, I find myself unable to vote for funding for the SFMTA. They only cause misery and favor the 3 percent (or less) vocal minority.

Jamey Frank
San Francisco

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At 5:05 PM, Anonymous sfthen said...

Fast-Eddie Reiskin's SFMTA has the same elitist & irresponsible arrogance that his kind attribute to the Donald Trump camp. The Mission Street 'Red Carpet' is exactly how the Trump-types would've done it, no difference. With commissioned follow-up "studies" showing how they've made the streets great again for the people.

As Kinky Friedman noted, Dems & Republicans are just "the same guy combing his hair in the mirror."

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Democrats are much better than the Repugs on the Big Issues: race, immigration, health care, abortion, the environment, equality, gays, women, etc. But they are often terrible on local/state issues, like traffic, the bicycle bullshit, and smart[sic] growth---and that dumb high-speed rail project.

I had the pleasure of seeing Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys perform at The Great American Music Hall in days of yore almost 50 years ago. Big audience, great performance.


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