Monday, February 06, 2017

Suit against the city to stop Geary BRT project

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority meets on Jan. 5 to vote on the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project. (Aleah Fajardo/Special to S.F. Examiner)
Examiner photo

A press release:

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit, Inc., a civic non-profit known as Sensible Transit, announced today that it has sued the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (TA), the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI), the Board of Supervisors and the City to stop all action to further the Geary Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit (GBRT) project approved January 5. 

Sensible Transit denounced the rush to judgment by the lame-duck board and TA staff. It alleged that the public process lacked meaningful debate and board members violated the obligation to exercise independent judgment by failing to review and consider the issues raised in the final environmental impact report and accompanying documents. 

By specially setting the hearing January 5, the TA and board prevented the new Supervisors (sworn in only three days later) from questioning the assumptions of the TA staff, who admitted the probable outcome of the project would not improve transit times over what exist today. No thought or analysis was given to the incremental approach sought by Sensible Transit and others offering public comments at the hearing even though that alternative could save $300 million at a time when money is restricted.

Last November San Francisco voters turned down the sales tax to be used for transportation projects and elected Supervisor Fewer in the Richmond who questioned whether the TA staff choice for the project made sense. 

Repaving of Geary has been delayed by GBRT planning and the street has become a slalom course of potholes even though voters only a few years ago authorized $500 million in road improvement bonds. Richmond residents and businesses asserted that ripping up the center median and destroying hundreds of trees would damage the quality of life and economic health of the neighborhood.

MUNI already has plans and funding for more buses, better traffic signal systems, and other improvements including better bus stops and basic paving. Sensible Transit wants those measures employed before committing to spend $300 million that may not be needed.

The Court is asked to put on hold all actions required to undertake the project approved by the board.

Rob's comment:

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At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please follow this link and scroll down to the sustainable development goals section. Under goals please read transport. It specifically tells you what the sfmta is doing and what's been happening in sf. Once your done is also recommend you read the whole thing as it will help you understand new developments in sf with whole food type stores. It will also make sense of abag plan Bay Area agenda 21 agenda 30.

It's no conspiracy. In any case the transport goal is what I think you should read first. It specifically describes the sfmta and how it effects the poor and how they knew it would once implication begins.


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