Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tearing down the I-280 section in SF is still nuts

San Francisco: Interstate 280
The removal of this 1.2-mile freeway spur could provide San Francisco with much-needed opportunities for infill housing and connect the Mission Bay, Potrero Hill, and SoMa neighborhoods. The highway removal is endorsed by Mayor Ed Lee, and the city is studying it[sic] plans for the Transbay Terminal, a big downtown transit and rail hub.

Rob's comment:
I called the idea of taking down that section of 280 The worst San Francisco planning idea of the year.

My online comment to the Streetsblog story:

I don't know about the other freeways listed, but taking down the I-280 section in San Francisco would be nuts. 

See this Caltrans document for the traffic volumes on that section: On page 17 we learn than the SF segment of 280 is labeled "Section F." 

On page 19 we learn the daily traffic volumes on Section F: northbound 85,954 vehicles and southbound 89,144 vehicles! Where will all that traffic go if this section is torn down? 

City Hall should have learned a lesson after the Central Freeway overpass was torn down instead of being rebuilt. Most of the 100,000 vehicles that used to use that overpass are now coming through the heart of the Hayes Valley neighborhood on a widened surface street, Octavia Blvd!

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At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off they're not studying shit. Study was completed about 3-4 years ago. What they're "studying" now is where to start first and how they'll going to knock it down.
This will begin as soon as Potrero BRT is complete. And yes I said Potrero brt. Red lanes don't get painted until they finish up construction of making it look like Cesar Chavez. They're currently in the middle of construction as we speak. They are just hiding the BRT part for another stupid "open house" "community input" at a later time after construction.

The true study of highway 280 is here.


Their real genius reason behind this stupid idea can be found on the centralsubway website if it still works as well as sfcta website.

Dumb or not this bitch is coming down no matter what anybody says.


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