Saturday, November 26, 2016

Preying on motorists: The city's take

Since the MTA is no longer issuing its annual Transportation Fact Sheet, we have to look through its Proposed Operating Budget for 2016 to find out how much the anti-car city makes directly from preying on motorists. 

Pages 15-19 provide an idea of where the agency gets its money. To get a total for what is directly extracted from motorists, I included parking tickets, parking meters, red light tickets, the boot program, neighborhood parking permits, towing fees, bridge tolls, the gas tax, and the many city-owned parking lots/garages.

Note that the city makes twice as much on parking tickets as it does from parking meters.

This is an under-estimate, since I don't know what a lot of the line items are that should be added to the total. The Transportation Fact Sheet used to do that for the public.

The total: $216 million, which is more than 20% of the MTA's billion dollar budget.

The MTA has 6,263 employees, which is where most of the money goes (budget, page 20).

Later: The city's Treasurer agrees with me: San Francisco has become a predatory government

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