Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump's financial threat to San Francisco

The Trump administration threatens to punish sanctuary cities by cutting the money they get from the federal government.

The Chronicle has reported this amount as around $1 billion. 

From this Examiner story, we learn that it's more than $1 billion:

Citing the Controller’s Office, Supervisor Aaron Peskin said that San Francisco directly receives $478 million a year from the federal government and another $915 million annually from the state — much of which is federal money. That does not include federal funds for major transportation projects like the Central Subway from Market Street to Chinatown, Peskin said.

When you look at this from the Controller's office, you see where Peskin got the $478 million and where the city apparently gets more than $500 million from the state in "pass-through" money. When I asked about the Chronicle's $1 billion number, the Controller's office replied:

The Chronicle story likely includes federal revenues passed through the state (e.g. TANF, food stamps, etc.); whereas the numbers provided previously are strictly federal revenues sent directly to the City. We are in the process of breaking out these pass-throughs and can provide you with this information when it is available if you desire.

With a budget of $9 billion, a billion dollar cut would be a major financial crisis for the city.

The Feds are paying most of the cost of the Central Subway project and the $26 million Masonic Avenue bike project.

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