Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The alt-right and neo-racism

From Kevin Drum:

The David Duke version of racism may be repugnant, but for that very reason it's fairly easy to fight. There are just too many people who are put off by it.

The Steve Bannon version is far more effective. Partly this is because, yes, critics will overreach and discredit themselves. Partly it's because his more subtle attacks on "political correctness" don't put off as many people. Partly it's because he assures people they can have racist attitudes without actually being racists. And partly it's because his sub rosa approach is just plain harder to expose...

Rob's comment:
Yes. The worst of Trump's supporters hate political correctness because it means they can't call black people "niggers" and gay people "queers" anymore. But bigots like Bannon instead brandish the Confederate flag as a symbol of "cultural heritage" and endorse voter suppression to make it harder for black people to vote.

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