Friday, October 21, 2016

Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and Ross Mirkarimi

From a mailed hit piece on Jane Kim paid for by a group supporting Scott Wiener:

2012: Jane Kim votes to allow sheriff convicted of domestic violence, Ross Mirkarimi, to keep his job. Just one day later: Jane Kim says she supports recalling the same abusive sheriff from office, but fails to take action.

The charges against Mirkarimi were grossly inflated from the beginning, and the campaign to destroy him and his family quickly turned into a political lynch mob.

Kim's vote allowing Mirkarimi to remain sheriff was actually reasonable (at 7:15 in the video above)---that anyone elected by the voters should only be removed by the voters. After the vote she was quoted as supporting a recall election. I disagree with that, but the anti-Kim mailer is typical political dishonesty.

Millionaire Ron Conway is pouring $200,000 into the anti-Kim campaign because of her Mirkarimi vote. 

Recall that Conway's meddling in the 2011 campaign for sheriff resulted in electing Mirkarimi in the first place!

Ron Conway by Cody Pickens

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Hillary roasts The Donald

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