Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and "smart"[sic] growth

As commuters along westbound Interstate 80 can probably confirm, Bay Area traffic congestion is at an all-time high, meaning more time crawling along behind the wheel, according to the Metropolitan 
Transportation Commission’s annual survey released Monday. Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle
From the SF Chronicle, (Drive across Bay Bridge tops list of Bay Area’s worst commutes):

If it seems as if you’re spending more time behind the wheel than ever, it’s not an illusion. Since 2010, the amount of time Bay Area drivers endure crawling along in freeway congestion has soared 70 percent.

That’s the highest level of “congested delay” — time spent in traffic moving at speeds of 35 mph or less — since traffic experts began keeping track in 1981.

Those disturbing, if not entirely surprising, findings are included in the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s annual report released Monday on the Bay Area’s most-congested freeways — a report more commonly known for its rankings of the region’s worst commutes.

An analysis of traffic statistics collected in 2015 found that wretched distinction belonged to the 6-mile afternoon drive from northbound Highway 101 through San Francisco to eastbound Interstate 80 at the Yerba Buena Tunnel...

Rob's comment:
Which is why developing Treasure Island to allow 19,000 residents there is madness.

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