Monday, September 12, 2016

Trigger fingers

This reminds me of the famous "daisy" nuke ad from 1964, when Goldwater was portrayed as someone whose finger you didn't want on the nuclear trigger. 

Trump apparently doesn't understand the important unspoken assumption: nuclear weapons are made so you don't have to use them. If deterrence fails, the game is lost. It's just another issue that Trump has clearly never really thought about. The Clinton campaign is doing a good job of disqualifying him for the presidency.

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Trigger alert: Pamela Geller is back!

With no fanfare or hand-wringing by Muni, Pamela Geller has bought another ad (above) on the side of Muni buses. Recall the remarkable and clueless kerfuffle the anti-jihad ads caused here in Progressive Land several years ago.

I  wrote about the original jihad ads back in 2012, ending the post with this: "The question now is, Will Muni roll over and take the ads down?"

Turned out that they couldn't do that because of that darn First Amendment loophole that allows people to say things that offend San Francisco progressives. Who knew? Not the SF Weekly or the Bay Guardian.

Instead the MTA offended me by launching a puerile "Peace Campaign" that supposedly represented San Francisco values, which I wrote about: Muni's fatuous Peace Campaign.

But I have to give the MTA credit for ignoring the ads this time, since I haven't seen any notice or a silly "peace" campaign. Good that even the MTA has some kind of learning curve about the First Amendment and is no longer assuming that the people of San Francisco are morons.

And, yes, I went to Breitbart for the story after being tipped off by Jihad WatchThe ongoing threat posed by Islamic fascism is the only thing I agree with the right-wing Breitbart folks about. 

Which raises an important question: Why is the political right better on this issue than the left?

Click on "Muni Jihad Ads" below for more on this issue.

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On this day in 1940, the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered.

The entire Herzog film here.

Rob's comment: It's worthwhile, even with the sometimes annoyingly obtrusive music.

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