Saturday, August 20, 2016

View from the Cliff House 1865
Cliff House, 1865

Thanks to the Westside Observer.

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The statue: An artistic and political failure


The sculpture is all wrong. It's an artistic failure and failed political satire. That's not Donald Trump's face, and the hair has a rock-like solidity, unlike the wispy, monumental comb-over that matches his vanity.

His self-satisfied smirk is more to the point

Besides, the letter in today's SF Chronicle makes an obvious point:

Is  there a double standard to San Francisco's sense of humor?

The naked statue of Trump at Castro and Market streets was all in good humor, and most San Franciscans enjoyed it. But one wonders how much they'd enjoy it if the statue was of a naked and overweight Hillary Clinton? Would their tolerant and good-natured amusement continue or be turned into more absurd claims of the non-existent "war on women"?

Paul Forrest

The Republican "war on women" (e.g., their determination to shut down Planned Parenthood) surely exists, but the point on a possible Hillary statue has to be taken. Some right-wingers are no doubt working on it right now.

The sculptor himself seems like a dim bulb.

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