Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Charlie Rose is a lousy interviewer

I've posted before about Charlie Rose's limitations as an interviewer (see this and this). He did it again in his interview with Hillary Clinton the other night. He barely let her finish a sentence without his banal, poorly-informed interruptions. It must be exasperating for her to have to put up with this bullshit instead of just saying, "Shut up for a minute, Charlie, and let me talk without constant interruptions."

Bill Maher was effective in getting Rose to stop interrupting in their discussion of Islam, during which Rose was reliably lame and poorly informed. As per mainstream media practice, Rose was uncomfortable even talking about Islam, especially with someone who's a critic. 

Maher finally raised his hand and said to Rose firmly, "Let me finish."

Hillary was probably thinking, "Okay, it's his show, but why does he keep interrupting the next President of the United States? He asks me for an interview and then barely lets me talk."

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