Friday, June 10, 2016

An argument for Brexit

From Spiked

Why the Hillary email issue is crap

From today's Washington Post:

..In a six-hour deposition Wednesday, answers provided by Karin M. Lang seemed to corroborate several defenses raised by Clinton and her aides in the handling of the controversy, while challenging other explanations given in a lawsuit by the conservative group Judicial Watch examining whether Clinton’s email setup thwarted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)...

Lang, a career employee who in July 2015 became director of the Executive Secretariat staff, which is responsible for records management, said that while a unit responsible for FOIA requests was told that Clinton had no government email account when she took office in January 2009, no one in the unit ever asked whether she used a personal account to conduct business before she stepped down in 2013.

“Prior to Secretary Kerry, no secretary of state used a email address,” said Lang, supporting an explanation given by aides to the presumptive Democratic nominee for president that her email setup while at State was not unusual...(emphasis added)

Thanks to Kevin Drum

Trump is much worse on the email issue.

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