Saturday, May 21, 2016

What about home team broadcasters?

Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett

It's unfair and annoying to many fans of the Golden State Warriors and the fans of other teams: After broadcasting all 82 of the regular season games, the home team broadcasters are pushed aside in favor of network bigshots. I want Fitzgerald and Barnett to do the games when the Warriors are in the playoffs, not Reggie Miller and Marv Albert.

Same goes for the Giants during the MLB playoffs, not to mention the World Series. I want Kruk and Kuip to do those games, not big network names who haven't done a Giants game all year. 

My proposal would be like the designated hitter rule: In baseball when National League teams play in American League stadiums, the designated hitter rule is observed but not in games played in National League stadiums. 

The same principle should apply during the playoffs: hometown broadcasters should do the games played in the home team's stadium.

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