Sunday, May 01, 2016

Willie's World

Willie Brown's world is different than the one the rest of us live in. From his column in today's Chronicle:

Demonstration update: Hard to work up  a head of steam for the anti-Greg Suhr progressives backing those camped outside Mission Station on a hunger strike. It certainly wasn't the greatest look the other night when some of the supporters headed straight from a rally at the police station to one of the chic restaurants nearby. 

If they want to talk about it, maybe we can get together at Jardiniere. I was back there for the second time the other night. The quail was perfect, the warm crouton-based salad just as good. With dessert, it was $55 well spent. Try it---eating out is becoming more affordable, what with all the restaurants that are opening shop and trying to entice diners.

$55 for dinner is "affordable"? Maybe to a one percenter like Brown.

Look at Jardieniere's menu and we see that the quail (ramp, chantenay carrot, basil) is a mere $34. (You know a restaurant is fancy when there are a lot of French and Italian words in the menu.) Sounds like Brown had the warm bread salad (artichoke, chicory, crescenza), which is $17.

The desserts are apparently listed under "sweets," and, even if he had the cheapest one, the $8 cookie (cookie, confection, tartelette), that comes to $59---without a tip.

No drink? "Cocktails" are $13 (pomme noir: rye, baked apple shrub, pommeau de normandie, lemon, bitters)---"pommeau de normandie"? La de fucking da! 

That would push the tab up to $72. Maybe Brown just had water.

A 20% tip on a $72 dinner would be $15, which would make the tab around $87. That's enough for me to buy groceries for a week.

Not hard to understand what all those Bernie Sanders supporters are upset about.

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