Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dean Preston: A one-issue candidate?

A message from Dean Preston, candidate for District 5 Supervisor:

Dear Rob, 

There’s no issue more important to me than keeping people in their homes. That’s why I’m proud to announce that we have earned the early endorsement from the San Francisco Tenants Union. The Tenants Union isn’t afraid to take on powerful speculators and serial evictors in their mission to keep San Franciscans in their homes, and I’m proud to stand alongside them...

Rob's comment:
My response: Transportation is also an important issue in District 5. What's your position on the Masonic Avenue bike project?

If you had to pick just one issue to base your campaign on, housing in San Francisco in 2016 is a good choice. 

But it's not enough, not to mention that housing and transportation issues are closely related in San Francisco where "smart growth" is the theory City Hall uses to justify its aggressively pro-growth development policy.

The questions I asked the District 5 candidates in 2012 are still relevant. Of course none of the candidates responded.

Preston's website.

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