Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Defaming Mayor Lee

Mayor Lee and Leah Shahum

I've never been one of his supporters, since Mayor Lee supports all the big projects I oppose: the Central Subway, high-speed rail, the Warriors' stadium on the waterfront, not to mention his attempt to destroy Ross Mirkarimi, etc. 

For once I have to agree with Randy Shaw; the ongoing attempts to tar Lee with the campaign fundraising indictments are contemptible.

The follow-up question to the felony charges against three people for illegal fundraising activities is simple, and classic: What did Mayor Lee know, and when did he know it?

The answer so far is also simple: nothing, since there's no evidence that the mayor knew anything about it. 

Redmond cites a recent KQED story that adds nothing new on the issue, including any evidence against Lee. A KQED story last year got it right when it quoted Judge Breyer: "There's nothing there" incriminating Mayor Lee. It was all about Shrimp Boy Chow's lawyers trying to influence his trial by accusing the government of selective prosecution.

Redmond says the "Examiner has been doing great reporting on this from the start." On the contrary, the Examiner jumped on the story and made accusations without any evidence (See Broke-ass Stuart and the dumb-ass Examiner). 

Six months and three indictments later, and there's still no evidence that Mayor Lee is implicated in anything illegal.

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