Saturday, January 23, 2016

Absolutely myriad decades of single word cliches around the globe

"Myriad" now joins the other single-word cliches littering our written and spoken language: From a hed on an Alternet story: The Myriad Ways Political Corruption and Mass Incarceration Go Hand and Hand.

What's wrong with plain old "many"? Nothing, since it's more familiar, less pretentious, means the same, and has only two syllables instead of the three in myriad.

See also this and this.

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Governor Brown: No mention of high-speed rail

January, 2015

Tucked away deep in yesterday's Chronicle story on the governor's State of the State speech:

Noticeably missing from Brown’s speech was any mention of high-speed rail, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the state that has a long list of detractors. Brown skimmed over another project he’s championed — the controversial delta tunnels — although he said the state needs a wide range of investments in water reliability, including “reliable conveyance.”

A year ago it was a different story:

"The high-speed rail links us from the past to the future; from the south to Fresno and the north," Brown said. "This is truly a California project, bringing us together today." Speaking to dozens of union members, contractors and federal, state and local politicians, the governor acknowledged that he, like many opponents, once had misgivings about the state's ability to secure the money needed to finish the project. "I wasn't sure where we were going to get the rest of the money," Brown said in a 12-minute address, one of his longest speeches focusing on the controversial project. "Don't worry about it. We are going to get it."

They still don't have it, and, fortunately, there's no indication that they will ever get it. 

Of course the unions like the high-speed rail project, since the dumb project would provide a lot of jobs for their members, which is all they really care about.

No mention either of the Delta tunnels project, another massive boondoggle Brown supports.

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