Thursday, December 08, 2016

Waiting for the Big One

The Salesforce Tower, currently under construction, rises above San Francisco's skyline on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016. The perspective is from the rooftop of Rowan, a condo building several miles away on the edge of the Mission District. Photo: Noah Berger, Special To The Chronicle
Photo: Noah Berger for the Chronicle

A letter to the editor in today's Chronicle:

High-rise worry

Regarding “New towers give skyline and city global character” (Dec. 7): Chronicle columnist John King might marvel that upcoming high-rises like the Salesforce Tower are making San Francisco a “21st century global city,” but many longtime city residents, myself included, think it simply rebrands the “City by the Bay” as “Manhattan West.” 

And have city planners forgotten that in the early 20th century, San Francisco was decimated by an earthquake? The odds on another catastrophic quake occurring here are increasing with each passing year. Constructing taller buildings and growing the city’s population will only increase the casualties and damage when the next big one occurs.

Dylan Seeger
San Francisco

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