Friday, December 09, 2016

Most children in SF are driven to school

S.F. Examiner

The survey found 56.5 percent of students in kindergarten through fifth grade are driven by a parent or caregiver to school. About 14 percent take public transit, like Muni and BART; 8 percent carpool with other families; 7.8 percent walk; 7.6 percent take another bus (like a yellow school bus); and only 0.1 percent take taxis, Lyft or Uber.

But what about City Hall's---and the Bicycle Coalition's---irresponsible attempt to get the city's children to ride bikes to school? Fortunately that campaign has failed to convince city parents to get their kids to ride bikes to school. It's not mentioned in the text of the story, but the graphic above tells us that only 0.7% of the city's children ride bikes to school.

Part of the problem is how schools are assigned in San Francisco:

[Supervisor]Breed lambasted the current SFUSD school assignment model, which gives priority to pick a school to families living in neighborhoods with the lowest test scores rather than families that live in the same neighborhoods as a school. The average commute distance between home and school would be curtailed by at least a mile under a neighborhood-based assignment system, according to an SFUSD analysis on K-5 school assignments presented to the Board of Education last week.

Typical that Examiner writer Rodriguez, relying on the SFMTA, provides an incomplete account of how many people in SF commute by car:

Perhaps most significantly, the study found more than half of parents surveyed drive their kids to school most days — a far cry from the commute of adults, who drive less...Those numbers show kids are far more car-reliant than adults who travel on their own — where San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency data shows 25 percent of commuters take transit, 23 percent walk, 27 percent drive alone and 21 percent carpool. When including the number of students picked up from some form of after-school program, the number of students being driven by family or a caregiver jumped to 70 percent.

According to the US Census, 44% of city commuters get to work by car, truck, or van, not exactly "a far cry" from the 56% of children who are driven to school.

The Census figures on commuting by bike are revealing: in 2009 3.2% of city commuters rode bikes to work. In 2015 that was 5.2%, a gain of a mere 2% in six years.

This shows that City Hall's redesign of city streets in anticipation of the great bike revolution is a great mistake, since the last count showed that in fact fewer people are riding bikes to work in San Francisco.

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At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Made a comment on here a few days ago about this post on how a monthlyservice fee will be charged for school shuttles to keep parents from driving under the disguise of safety. I didn't know what they would use exactly. It was a long comment I assume it was not to your liking to be posted. In any case I now found out what their program/arguement will be called. "Safe routes to school". A new addition to plan Bay Area

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safe routes to school some i for from what I could find to post for now. Also kidnapoings will be the public arguement for implementation. They're adding bycicle education. Stupid

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Direct links to the two documents mentioned in the last comment here and here.


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