Monday, October 31, 2016

Mike Luckovich
Mike Luckovich

Comment to Jonathan Chait's latest article in New York magazine (The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun):

Ok. I knew all this. But seeing it laid out so cleanly and beautifully is truly terrifying. This article is like some kind of mind altering drug that clears the cobwebs out, the confusion caused by the insanity of Trump and the GOP. 

Where we stood a couple of days ago was that this big authoritarian dream was not only going to be crushed, HRC was poised to take The White House in a landslide, retake the Senate, and possibly the House. 

So in steps Comey and if anyone believes it was not a deliberate attempt, as blatant as Putin's hacking, to subvert our election, I have some swamp land in FLA for you. He threw himself on his sword to save the right wing GOP, knowing it is the end of his career. He doesn't care. He hates HRC. He hates our democracy. Everything Trump's followers think they are getting is the opposite. Corruption, the elite running the show and complete contempt for democracy.

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