Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mayor de Blasio and the NY Post

2012 New York Post

...In the interview, Mr. de Blasio’s remarks went further by saying the tabloid was unlike other mainstream news outlets and engaged in “racial dog whistling"...He described the paper as “a negative force in this city” that engaged in “coded imagery” on race.

That included the cartoon of Ms. McCray, who is black, which ran during Mr. de Blasio’s nascent mayoral campaign and appeared to have soured him to the paper...

Rob's comment:
It's understandable that de Blasio found the cartoon above objectionable, but it's not racist. 

No dog whistle or coding on the cartoon below early in Obama's first administration. If a major newspaper in the country does this sort of thing, it's a public issue, not a "private feud."

New York Post cartoon

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