Saturday, September 24, 2016

The truth about the Clinton Global Initiative

...As the Clintons move to disentangle themselves from their philanthropic group ahead of Hillary Clinton potentially clinching the presidency, the Clinton Foundation is winding down the event that has served as a victory lap for global do-gooders. This week’s meeting is the Clintons’ last chance to prove the Initiative’s worth to the world—and to undecided voters, too.

Donald Trump has been telling the American public a different story, repeating on the campaign trail that the Clinton Foundation is “the most corrupt enterprise in political history,” one that exists only to line the pockets of the Clinton family. But now, as questions swirl about Trump’s own Foundation, thanks to a series of investigative articles in The Washington Post that reveal Trump uses almost none of his own money to make donations, the Initiative’s annual meeting is an apt time for the Clintons to show off just how much good their Foundation has actually done.

And boy, did Bill bring the receipts.

Though the former president (and potential future First Husband) didn’t mention the election or Trump’s criticisms of the Foundation, he did spend the first first few minutes of his opening address at the Initiative, rattling off a stunning list of statistics about the Clinton Global Initiative’s impact. 3,600: That’s how many public commitments the Initiative’s attendees have made on stage over the last 12 years. 435 million: That’s how many people those commitments have helped. 52 million: That’s how many children have received access to education as a result of those commitments. 114 million: That’s how many people can drink clean water because of the Initiative. The list goes on.

One of the Foundation’s signature accomplishments, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, has provided low-cost AIDS medication to 11.5 million people since it launched in 2002...

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