Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Harry Truman in drag?

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Event In Connecticut
Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

...Truman was a figure of crushing ordinariness, a quality that, over time, came to assume something close to greatness. Clinton gives off a similar sensibility (despite her extraordinary life experience). If you withdraw the presumption of calculation that is attached to her every action, one can see her character aging well through history: a woman who broke into male-dominated fields; a policymaker who is one of the few nerds who are still not cool. It is impossible to predict how Clinton will handle foreign policy, but it is not fanciful to hope that her experience (unusually deep for a president) will enable her to imaginatively face the confounding challenge of radical Islam.

And even if Republicans stymie her domestic initiatives, she might put her imprint on new policies that inspire successors. Clinton has proposed a modernization of the welfare state to include early education and child care. Though Truman’s proposal for universal health insurance failed, the power of his vision remained, and over time its association with Truman added to its grandiosity. And when Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, that evening, he and his aides celebrated its passage on the Truman Balcony.

Rob's comment:
As Chait points out, like President Truman, Hillary is despised by the radical left and the radical right, a good recommendation in itself. Truman had Henry Wallace on his left and Strom Thurmond on his right. Clinton has Breitbart on her right and Counterpunch on her left.

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