Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump the loser: How will he react?

The Associated Press

I wonder if Trump has any idea how bad this is going to get for him. He's basically a B-list celebrity laughingstock, and the only thing that's made people take him seriously over the past year is his poll numbers. Once those tank, and there's no longer any fear of going after him, he's going to become the target of more mockery and derision than he can bear. Literally the entire world will be laughing at him. After November I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up retreating permanently to his gilded apartment to become this era's Howard Hughes.

As Drum reports, his poll numbers are tanking. Trump knows it's going bad, which is why he's talking about how the election is rigged, leading to the notion that he and his followers won't accept defeat and will then try to undermine the legitimacy of American democracy itself.



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