Friday, August 19, 2016

Left, right, wrong, and District 5

Supervisor Breed

This from Tim Redmond on the Democratic County Central Committee's endorsements:

The vote in D5---to endorse Sup. London Breed for re-election and snub tenant advocate Dean Preston---was expected, but still a bit embarrassing for the left, since several of the members of the Reform Slate that took control from the real-estate interests in June decide to support Breed...

What choice did the committee have? Both are Democrats, but Preston is so timid on the issues a lot of city progs hesitate to support him (see Dean Preston: A one-issue candidate?). Apparently Matt Gonzalez's endorsement isn't enough to make Preston a "left" favorite. 

I think Breed has an awful record as District 5 Supervisor, but that record includes issues that other city "progressives" are also awful on. She's wrong on almost everything, but unlike Preston she at least takes positions on issues, though that's mostly because she has to as a supervisor.

I guess the other members of the committee could have abstained, like Aaron Peskin: 

District Five went to Breed overwhelmingly---with some of the candidates that the progressives supported in June joining the conservatives and going with Breed. Bevan Dufty, Pratima Gupta, Leah Lacroix, and Sophie Maxwell all voted for Breed. Peskin abstained. When the vote came to consider Preston as a second choice in ranked-choice voting, Gupta and Lacroix voted to endorse Preston; Peskin abstained again...

That's typical Peskin, who's more windsock than political leader (see Aaron Peskin and the class of 2000).

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