Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Grattan Elementary: "The challenge of maintaining diversity"


...According to a report in San Francisco Public Press, at almost a third of the public schools in the city, one racial group dominates the student body with a 60% share or more. There are public schools in San Francisco—a city where African Americans make up around 6% of the overall population—where 70% or more of the students are black. The district is still racially segregated; it’s just that Grattan is now on the white side of the color line.

This is a troubling sign. According to education research, integration improves schools, and it seems like one of the best ways to improve education for minority students and ensure racial and economic equity. But that can’t work if, once a school improves, minority students no longer have access to it.

Grattan’s history shows that when a successfully integrated school starts to succeed, a new challenge arises: the challenge of maintaining diversity...



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