Wednesday, May 18, 2016

San Francisco: "Car hating capital of the Bay Area"

Question: A few days ago, a friend took me to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park for my 66th birthday. I live in Santa Cruz and don't drive in the city very much. After driving around for about 20 minutes, I found an empty slot in a long line of cars on JFK Drive and noted that the slot had "parking" written on the pavement so I parked there. 

When I returned, I had received 2 parking tickets for $192 each. Upon closer observation, I noticed that under the car in front of me on the pavement was written "no" as in no parking. I have pictures if it would help. In retrospect it sounds naive to think they would write "parking" on the pavement, but shouldn't the "no" and "parking" be close together?

I would like to protest receiving two tickets for the same offense and ask for leniency because of my birthday and being from out of town, but after trying every day to access my citations on the SFMTA website, it always displays "plate not found." How long does it take to post tickets on the payment site?

George Hoffer
Santa Cruz

Answer: It can take several weeks, but you must pay or protest the citation by the due date on the ticket or you could get hit with late fees and collections fees. Do not pay if you wish to appeal. You can also request an appearance with a judge and that's where the photos might help reduce $384 in fines on a birthday outing. Google SFMTA and parking citations. One ticket, OK. But two, ouch. I'm rooting for you, George.

Question: I drive to work in the car hating capital of the Bay Area---San Francisco---and have begun to see bike riders on some of the busiest streets of the city, where it is either a traffic hazard or a death wish to be on a bike. Great examples are Van Ness Avenue, Lombard Street toward the Golden Gate Bridge, 19th Avenue, etc. Are there any restrictions on streets bikes can use?

Jason Leman
San Francisco

Answer: Very few. Bikes are allowed on urban streets, and there are no restrictions on the streets you mentioned.

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At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it, MTA's strategy is working. To make driving and parking in the city impossible.


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