Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Call me Mr. Schadenfreude

Repug Party is red, Democratic Party is blue

Andrew Sullivan, who stopped blogging a year ago, re-enters the political fray by downloading a grotesquely long piece---7,500 words!---in New York magazine. He must be getting paid by the word. He was much better in the short form on his blog. 

An erstwhile conservative, Sullivan scolds those of us who are delighted at the implosion of the Republican Party and look forward to a landslide victory for Hillary and Democrats in November:

And so those Democrats who are gleefully predicting a Clinton landslide in November need to both check their complacency and understand that the Trump question really isn’t a cause for partisan Schadenfreude anymore. It’s much more dangerous than that. Those still backing the demagogue of the left, Bernie Sanders, might want to reflect that their critique of Clinton’s experience and expertise — and their facile conflation of that with corruption — is only playing into Trump’s hands. 

That it will fall to Clinton to temper her party’s ambitions will be uncomfortable to watch, since her willingness to compromise and equivocate is precisely what many Americans find so distrustful. And yet she may soon be all we have left to counter the threat. She needs to grasp the lethality of her foe, moderate the kind of identity politics that unwittingly empowers him, make an unapologetic case that experience and moderation are not vices, address much more directly the anxieties of the white working class—and Democrats must listen.

I have no need for German terminology. I am pleased that the moronic Trump is getting the Repug nomination and gleefully anticipate how Hillary and the Democratic Party are going to smash the racist, misogynist, homophobic, gun-besotted, militaristic American political party. After November, the Repugs will increasingly be relegated to the south, rural states, and gerrymandered congressional districts.

Hillary is supposed to be apologetic for representing the interests of non-whites, gays, and women? Nope. The historical process surprised everybody---including the gay Sullivan---with the widespread acceptance of gay marriage, and it will now provide the most pleasant surprise of all---relegating the reactionary Republican Party to the margins of American life.

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At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Chrosnis said...

I wouldn't rest on your laurels. The sad thing here is that Trump could absolutely beat Hilary. I'd love to watch him flail and take the GOP down with him but there are a lot of sad angry white people out there who could turn out to vote for that clown.

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Not nearly enough. He often doesn't even get the majority of Repugs in the primaries. All the media coverage may give the illusion of widespread popularity, but he's only getting votes from a minority of the party.

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump was against the Iraq war, Hillary was not. The NYTimes called Trump a "dove" compared to Hillary. Trump is for raising the minimum wage. Trump is for taxing billionaire traders who Bill Clinton created legislation so that they pay almost no taxes. Trump is for massive infrastructure rebuilding, and bringing jobs home. As "Politico" and "Real Clear Politics" have reported...."Trump plans on running to the left of Hillary Clinton", for as Trump said on Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning.."I plan on using a LOT of Bernie Sanders ideas". Trump is a nationalist populist, not a facist.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Like a lot of rich people and bigshots, Trump has led a sheltered life intellectually. The people who work for him are unlikely to say, "Boss, you're full of shit on that one." I knew he was stupid when he pushed the birther bullshit. Since there was a birth notice in the Honolulu newspapers in August, 1961 noting Obama's birth in that city, the notion that his birth certificate is forged is just dumb.

His claim that he opposed the war in Iraq before it started is simply a lie.

Yes, he supports raising the minimum wage now, but that's a recent flip-flop. We'll see a lot of that in the coming months, as Trump backtracks on a lot of his earlier statements.

Yes, he supports investing in infrastructure, which is one of his few sensible positions, but, alas, like Obama he supports the really dumb high-speed rail idea.

Donald Trump is a deeply stupid man, and his getting the Republican nomination just shows how deeply dumb many Republicans are. Hillary will destroy him and, I hope, the Republican party. The Republican campaign will be like a slo-mo car wreck, with the Repugs losing the Senate and a lot of house seats in the process.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

I forgot to mention that Trump is surrounding himself with some of the worst homophobes in the country. And he brags about the endorsement by convicted rapist Mike Tyson...


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