Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garnering myriad single word cliches

Add "garner" and "garnering" to our growing list of single word cliches. Both of these inelegant variations on plain old "get" appear mostly in our written language. From an internet story we get two garners in two paragraphs:

Clinton’s Democratic primary rival has consistently garnered 70-80 percent support with young voters...a new Latino Decisions poll released last week finds Trump only garnering 11 percent support from Hispanic voters against Clinton’s 76 percent support.

We are now resigned to seeing our world turned into a "globe" and even mild assent "absolutely" agreed "upon."

In this morning's Chronicle, a story on the Warriors' deep bench:

Depth has been their strong point for the past two seasons, and it will be called upon now. But the task will be difficult.

It might be a little easier if the Warriors just called on it.



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