Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Treasure Island project: Smart growth?

Smart[sic] growth in San Francisco

From Curbed:

Treasure Island has always been an odd duck among San Francisco neighborhoods. Artificially constructed for the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition, the island’s gorgeous bay views should by rights make it a plum destination. Instead it’s a wind-blasted no-man’s land, with only a handful of residents and businesses. Redevelopment plans have been in the pipe for decades, but acquiring land from the Navy, as well as ongoing concerns about potential toxicity and the seismic soundness of the island’s landfill construction, held up the start date.

Not to mention the threat of sea level rise as per this map. Not to worry, however, since the developers are planning to encircle the island with a berm/levee (Major S.F. Bayfront Developments Advance Despite Sea Rise Warnings):

Brad McCrea, regulatory program director at the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, said Treasure Island’s developers brought “eyes-wide-open expertise” to their planning. But he said he was skeptical of applying this kind of technology-centered approach everywhere around the bay, given that sea level rise could continue for centuries. “At the end of the day, this will be a levee-protected community,” McCrea said. “There’s no getting around that.”

A more short-term problem: traffic. Think traffic is bad on the Bay Bridge now? Wait until people start moving into those 8,000 new housing units and the hotels planned for the island.

See also this and this.

Aaron Peskin gets credit for trying to stop this dumb project.

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