Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Democrat can't say it

Another leading Democrat just can't bring himself to say these two words: Islamic extremism.

As Maher points out, it's not the only source of terrorism, but Islamic extremism is the greatest and most dangerous source of terrorism in the world today.

We can argue about why that is so and what we should do about it---banning Muslims from entering the country and patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in the US are two of the dumbest things we could do---but Democrats need to at least start by acknowledging that reality.

Maher is wrong to argue that Democrats are going to lose the election by not recognizing that reality, but they are surely going to lose a lot of votes over the issue, since it makes them look evasive and unable to face reality.

The main reason seems to be a goofball version of multiculturalism: Pseudo-tolerance and violent jihad.

See also this.

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