Thursday, January 07, 2016

Opposition to Geary BRT

Geary Boulevard

A letter to the editor in the January 6 SF Chronicle:

We oppose Bus Rapid Transit plans to take out parking meters and replace them with bus lanes. My husband and I are the owners of a computer store located on Geary Boulevard between Spruce and Cook streets. My understanding is that there is a bus terminal planned on this block and that all the parking meters will be eliminated. Our business needs an area where people can drop off their computers and park their cars, so these changes will destroy our business. There are also medical offices on our block that need parking for their clients. Geary Boulevard is the home of many small businesses and medical offices that service the needs of San Franciscans.

Today, there is a healthy mix of public transportation and private cars and pedestrians along Geary Boulevard. All are important, and yet this plan focuses on just public transportation needs. Without parking many businesses will cease to exist. It is unfair to senior citizens and pedestrians as well. Handicapped people will not have access to businesses or medical offices should these changes go through. We strongly oppose this effort.

Therese Moldvay
San Francisco

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