Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cecil's revenge: Lion kills hunter

Too bad about the dogs, but otherwise I like this story:

From The Express:

Authorities reported a group of five men hunting without licences was attacked by the big cat at a private game farm near the Kruger.

Matome Mahlale, 24, was killed along with two dogs, who were accompanying the group.

Local police spokesman Colonel Ronel Otto said: "Three men managed to climb into a tree and another managed to escape, but the deceased and two dogs were mauled to death."

A local said: "There won't be many people feeling sorry for him. This is seen as poetic justice for the death of Cecil."

Cecil was a Southwest African lion who lived in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, which borders South Africa where the killer lion attacked the hunter.

Thanks to Daily Kos

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San Francisco Tenants Union


Mayor (Ranked Choice) :

1) Francisco Herrerra 

2) Reed Martin 

3) Amy Farah Weiss

District 3 Supervisor : Aaron Peskin

Sheriff : Ross Mirkarimi

City College Board : Wendolyn Aragon 

YES on PROP A : Affordable Housing Bond 

YES on PROP B : Parental Leave 

NO on PROP C : Public lobbyists 

YES on PROP D : Mission Rock 

NO on PROP E : Public Meeting Requirements 

YES on PROP F!!! : Regulate Short Term Rentals! 

NO on PROP G : Energy Disclosures 

YES on PROP H : Renewable Energy 

YES on PROP I !!! : Luxury Housing Pause for Mission District! 

YES on PROP J : Preserve Legacy Businesses 

YES on Prop K!!! : Surplus Public Lands for Affordable Housing

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President Obama: Reform the criminal justice system

Adults in jail/prison in the United States

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