Saturday, September 12, 2015

Critical Mass London

You see a lot of the same behavior in London that we see here in San Francisco, not just blocking traffic but harassing/bullying individual motorists.


Diviz meeting Monday

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Familiar story: LA's "immobility" plan

The [Los Angeles]City Council has approved a far-reaching transportation plan that would reshape the streetscape over the next 20 years, adding hundreds of miles of bicycle lanes, bus-only lanes and pedestrian safety features as part of an effort to nudge drivers out from behind the wheel.

Not surprisingly, in the unofficial traffic congestion capital of the country, the plan has set off fears of apocalyptic gridlock.

“What they’re trying to do is make congestion so bad, you’ll have to get out of your car,” said James O’Sullivan, a founder of Fix the City, a group that is planning a lawsuit to stop the plan. “But what are you going to do, take two hours on a bus? They haven’t given us other options”...

The lawsuit was filed on September 8.

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Bill Maher on Kim Davis


This Day in History 1940: Lascaux cave paintings discovered.

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Jeremy Corbyn and the left

...Jeremy Corbyn has made frequent appearances on Iran’s propaganda channel, Press TV; it was there, for example, where he declared the killing of Osama bin Laden to have been a ‘tragedy’ (and not just that: a tragedy to be spoken of in similar terms to the 9/11 attacks). Appearing on a network whose sole task is to promote the political perspective of a theocracy takes some chutzpah; but to do so in order to bemoan the killing of a religious terrorist---someone against whom most of the world was at war---adds to the initial crime something approaching compound interest.

In Corbyn’s case this compound interest could soon amount to a very significant total; he will have little or no honeymoon period after his election, and rightly so. Many in the media have already got the measure of him---and there is a great deal of unpleasant evidence on display. Many others on the Left, themselves driven by notions of ‘punching up’, engage in similarly dangerous ideological pursuits. Some brought themselves deserved notoriety when they denigrated the murdered staff of Charlie Hebdo, and made excuses and justifications for their murder...

Thanks to Harry's Place.

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