Monday, August 31, 2015

Fine Giants who take called third strikes

The video above is from 2012, but it could have been yesterday, as his so-called hitters stood with bats on their shoulders during crucial at-bats late in yesterday's game. 

Unless it's clearly a bad call, Bochy should start fining hitters who do this, like Gregor Blanco (called third strike to end the 8th inning); Ehire Adrianza (called third strike in the 9th inning); and Andre Susac (called third strike in the 9th to end the fucking game!).

Anyone who plays baseball learns in Little League to swing at anything close when he/she has two strikes. Standing with the bat on your shoulder and taking a called third strike is shameful, especially when it's done by major league players.


The Republican Party under Donald Trump

Michael Macoby wrote this in 2000:

As an anthropologist, I try to understand people in the context in which they operate, and as a psychoanalyst, I tend to see them through a distinctly Freudian lens. Given what I know, I believe that the larger-than-life leaders we are seeing today closely resemble the personality type that Sigmund Freud dubbed narcissistic. 

“People of this type impress others as being ‘personalities,’” he wrote, describing one of the psychological types that clearly fall within the range of normality. “They are especially suited to act as a support for others, to take on the role of leaders, and to give a fresh stimulus to cultural development or damage the established state of affairs"...

Freud recognized that there is a dark side to narcissism. Narcissists, he pointed out, are emotionally isolated and highly distrustful. Perceived threats can trigger rage. Achievements can feed feelings of grandiosity. That’s why Freud thought narcissists were the hardest personality types to analyze. 

Consider how an executive at Oracle describes his narcissistic CEO Larry Ellison: “The difference between God and Larry is that God does not believe he is Larry.” That observation is amusing, but it is also troubling. Not surprisingly, most people think of narcissists in a primarily negative way. After all, Freud named the type after the mythical figure Narcissus, who died because of his pathological preoccupation with himself...

Macoby wrote this last week about Donald Trump:

His appeal may have even more to do with his personality. No one pushes Trump around, and no insult goes unanswered. He fights back. He is not cautious or fearful of offending a critic or any of America’s adversaries. In this, Trump has a personality type that’s common to the charismatic leaders who emerge in times of turmoil and uncertainty, when people are ready to follow a strong leader who promises to lead them to greatness. Sigmund Freud called people with this personality type “normal narcissists,” and he described them as independent and not vulnerable to intimidation, also noting that they have a large amount of aggressive energy and a bias for action...

See also this.

Thanks to Alternet.

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