Friday, August 28, 2015

A petition to increase affordable housing on Diviz

Dean Preston sends this:

There is a surge in market rate development proposed along Divisadero Street. On the three-block stretch of Divisadero from Grove to Oak alone, developers are proposing to add over 180 units of market rate housing---without including a single affordable unit. 

This kind of development threatens the diversity and character of our neighborhood. The community is uniting around minimum affordability standards. We hope you will show your support for these standards by signing this petition.

We, the undersigned community members and organizations demand the following minimum affordability standards for residential development projects in or around the Divisadero Corridor:

New residential development must not displace existing tenants, homeowners, or small businesses.

New residential development must contribute to neighborhood character and diversity both in terms of affordability and architectural design.

New residential development must include at least 33% onsite units affordable to low and moderate income residents. The community favors projects in which at least 50% of the units are affordable.

The community will not support projects that do not meet the above criteria.

The enhanced economic activity along Divisadero has contributed to rising property values and rents. With rising real estate values, developers are now seeking to develop market rate housing on the Divisadero Corridor. A number of sites, including large parcels, offer development opportunities.

Three new developments have recently been proposed that would add over 180 units of market-rate housing on a three-block stretch of Divisadero from Grove to Oak. The project descriptions released to date do not include any affordable housing onsite. (Click here for more background.)

In 2014, the residents of San Francisco voted overwhelmingly (66%) in favor of Proposition K, which sets a goal that a minimum 33% of all new housing be affordable to low and moderate income San Franciscans and that a total of at least 50% be affordable to middle-income households.

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