Friday, August 21, 2015

Alamo Square

From CityLab:

...New York City and San Francisco are far and away the most expensive places to rent in America. Even people with six-figure incomes cannot afford the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in these cities’ most expensive neighborhoods. No wonder housing affordability has become a leading, if not the leading, political issue in San Francisco and New York. What remains to be seen is whether such incredibly high rents will begin to stifle and suffocate the very diversity and creative energy that have long powered these neighborhoods and cities.

25 U.S. Neighborhoods with the Highest Monthly Median Rent

RankRegion NameMetroRent/Month
1Bel AirLos Angeles$10,629
2Pacific PalisadesLos Angeles$7,987
3Beverly GlenLos Angeles$7,667
4BrentwoodLos Angeles$7,403
5Poet's QuarterLos Angeles$7,075
6Jordan Park-Laurel HeightsSan Francisco$7,000
7La GorceMiami-Fort Lauderdale$6,932
8LakeSan Francisco$6,521
9Cow HollowSan Francisco$6,471
10Pacific HeightsSan Francisco$6,380
12Financial DistrictSan Francisco$6,373
13MarinaSan Francisco$6,362
14Parnassus-AshburySan Francisco$6,196
15Forest HillSan Francisco$5,891
16Berkley/Foxhall CrescentsWashington$5,868
17Kings PointNew York$5,763
18Spring ValleyWashington$5,740
19Eureka Valley-Dolores Heights-CastroSan Francisco$5,665
20ChelseaNew York$5,649
21Noe ValleySan Francisco$5,560
22Hollywood HillsLos Angeles$5,557
23Baywood KnollsSan Francisco$5,531
24Cheviot HillsLos Angeles$5,511
25Russian HillSan Francisco$5,486