Saturday, August 15, 2015

Banned by Streetsblog

Mark Kaepplein sends this in:

I got blacklisted from streetsblog without explanation. The comment that they wouldn't post was on the danger to pedestrians of protected bike lanes: 

Rob's comment:

When I was banned from commenting by Streetsblog last year, Bialick at least provided a lie as justification:

Rob, you've long shown a clear pattern of asking the same questions and having them answered, over and over again. We welcome productive and sincere conversation, but that's not what this is.

Streetsblog is for True Believers in the anti-car, pro-bike, smart growth doctrine. I still look at the site periodically to see what the party line is on city issues. Their "Today's Headlines" feature provides a daily body count from what they view as a traffic war on the country's streets, as motor vehicles attack cyclists and pedestrians.

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The Giants join the Cute Movement

The idea of promoting the Giants by having them---and their manager---mug for the camera is just awful. Hard to believe any real baseball fan wants to see them doing this. All they should be doing is playing baseball, which they usually do very well.

The SF Weekly explains what this is about:

The San Francisco Giants released a goofy but charming spoof of the Full House credit sequence on Twitter today, to promote the team's upcoming Full House tribute night, scheduled for September 30. The video is pretty fun — who doesn't get a tad nostalgic when they hear the opening bars of "Everywhere You Look" — although it devolves a little when Dave Coulier appears for a creepy cameo. But which player matches up with which member of the Tanner/Katsopolis household?

I admit that I've never seen Full House, which is apparently a TV show. After seeing this video, I'm determined to never see it. I've never heard that song, either, and I don't know---or care---who Dave Coulier is. What's "creepy" is Bruce Bochy grinning like an idiot.

Since the Giants are selling out every game, this promo is not only an embarrassment and demeaning to the participants, it is completely unnecessary.

Click on "Cute Movement" below to learn more about the awful movement the Giants have joined.

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