Thursday, August 13, 2015

Walking back the crackdown on cyclists

Captain Sanford and the SFBC's "communications director"

The inevitable early end to the SFPD's "crackdown" on cyclists on the Wiggle is reported on Hoodline

As I pointed out last month, the city and that neighborhood are now stuck with the Wiggle, since City Hall and the Bicycle Coalition collaborated in promoting it as a cool, quick way for cyclists to get to Market Street and downtown---and it's a green corridor!

Hence, crackdowns like this can only be a public relations response to complaints about cyclists from people in the neighborhood.

Interesting that Noah Budnick, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition, sent his "communications director" to talk to Captain Sanford. 

Seems like the coalition is becoming a jobs program for unemployed progressives, with 19 people now on its bloated staff

Some of them will soon step up to higher pay at the MTA.

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