Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"The arena needs to be located elsewhere"

Letter to the editor in today's SF Chronicle:

Traffic bottleneck

From the parking lot farthest from AT&T park it takes me from 20 to 40 minutes to get seven to eight blocks to 16th Street where the Warriors’ arena will be. This traffic bottleneck is from the ballpark, business and residents who live or work in the Mission Bay area. Also, this assumes I leave the game early to avoid the really bad traffic. 

I live in Marin and can no longer take the ferry as there is no parking in Larkspur. With 200 events per year at the new arena, I will have to consider giving up my ballpark seats as I cannot imagine how another tens of thousands of people will not make the ability to return to Marin anything less than a two-hour project. You can funnel traffic to accommodate the hospital, but the reality is there will just be too many cars. There are already too many cars, and fewer parking lots every year as more buildings go up bringing more cars to the neighborhood. 

The arena needs to be located elsewhere.

Robert Levy 

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Jim Morin

From Monday's SF Examiner

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