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Free workshop on tenant rights

Hi Rob --

Last week Jane saw a flyer for the Tenant Rights Bootcamps, and while she wasn't facing an immediate threat of eviction, she heard horror stories from friends and wanted to know more about her rights. So she decided to attend the free workshop this past Tuesday at St. Cyprian's Church. 

The very next day, Jane came home to a surprise---her front door was locked, and she couldn't get in. It turned out the landlord in her apartment decided to lock the other tenants out. 

Fortunately for Jane, she learned at the bootcamp that the only person who can legally lock tenants out of their homes is the sheriff. So she called the police, who arrived on the scene and de-escalated the situation. 

Because she knew her rights as a renter, Jane was able to quickly get back into her home.

We know it's tricky for tenants in San Francisco right now. With a disturbing rise in 'gotcha evictions'---where landlords are often searching for reasons to kick out tenants---it's more important than ever to learn your rights.

That's why we launched the Tenant Rights Bootcamp. We're taking tenant rights training to the neighborhood level so San Franciscans like Jane have an opportunity to learn their rights and how to fight back against displacement.

We wanted to let you know our upcoming schedule for the month of July:

Wed, July 8 – Fillmore (RSVP)
7pm @ West Bay Conference Center (1290 Fillmore St)

Thu, July 9 – Fillmore (RSVP)
7pm @ West Bay Conference Center (1290 Fillmore St)

Wed, July 15 – Western Addition (RSVP)
6:30pm @ Western Addition Library (1550 Scott St)

Sat, July 18 – Western Addition (RSVP)
3:30pm @ Western Addition Library (1550 Scott St)

Mon, July 20 – Hayes Valley (RSVP)
7pm @ Mercury Cafe (201 Octavia St)

Wed, July 22 – Hayes Valley (RSVP)
7pm @ Momi Toby's Revolution Cafe (528 Laguna St)

Stay tuned for our schedule into the fall!

Want to help us spread the word? Sign up here to volunteer!

Keep on, 
Dean Preston

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