Sunday, May 10, 2015

Richard Dawkins on science, religion, and the liberal "muddle" on Islam

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City makes parking policy "while no one is looking"

A reader sends this in:

Get the facts on all the transit issues and chime in with your comments. Watch the video: Policies for On-Street Parking Management: How SFMTA Created New Rules While No One was Looking.

Sign the petition to Restore Parking Oversight.

Last week the SFMTA Citizens Advisory Council reviewed this issue for the second time and is resending a strong recommendation to the SFMTA Board that they take this matter seriously. Your support and comments are the most effective way for you to get heard.

Please help spread the word by signing the petition and informing people about the unethical methods of the SFMTA. It is time to demand the Supervisors take action and provide the oversight needed.



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