Friday, April 10, 2015

Where's the bicycle count report? 4

Past NYC numbers

Reader Mark Kaepplein sends this in:

"NYC 2014 cycling stats also not out yet. Last year Streetsblog leaked them before they were released in June!"

Mark provided a link to yesterday's Streetsblog NYC story: It’s April. Where’s the NYC DOT Bike Count From Last Year?

Rob's comment:

From the Streetsblog story: "DOT has not responded to Streetsblog’s requests for the 2014 bike count, so for now, we’re in the dark."

Sounds like SFMTA, though I at least got a response from Paul Rose when I asked last week if the report---which I was told earlier would be released at the end of last month---would be released last week. His reply, "I do not believe so."

Seems like the NYDOT and the SFMTA have this in common: If the numbers aren't impressive enough for a trumpeted press release or a self-congratulatory press conference, they aren't eager to release the reports.

I just sent this message to Ed Reiskin. Maybe the boss knows:

Mr. Reiskin:

Mr. Rose won't tell me when the bicycle count report will be issued. Can you provide that information?

Rob Anderson

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